Talking dirty

My buddies girl friend has been catching a ride to work with me for about 3 weeks now . I'm a little older than she but we get along great.
On the way home the other nite I mentioned I had heard a s** story on line . Immediately she asked what it was about cause she liked stuff like that.
O began to tell the story about cuckolding to her .
As I was talking I noticed her squirm a little on her seat as to rearrange her panties . I asked you alright ?
She stated fine so I carried on with my
Story . As I was telling about the woman wanting her man to see a c*** go in and out her , I could tell I hit a good note .
Then I explained how the husband had always sucked her p**** after anyone or many had f***** her and loved it .so she would have multiple ducks from big c*** black men she picked up at the club
And have him suck their.juices out of her. I noticed a little more squirming and noticed her nipples were so hard I could see them protruding through her bra .
I explained how this woman then made her husband clean the clocks of her lovers till they were hard again .
She asked me would or had I ever done that .I stated no but had always wanted to suck a c*** . done with the story with a very precum drop hard and drove along.
As we passed a store she asked to run in
And grab a little something so I stopped.
When she came out their was this cute girl with her and she said she needed a ride home .little did I know this girl was a s****** a very pretty one at that .
She told the girl what we had been talking about and she giggled and said let's do it .To my amazement the girls dove in the back of my truck and started
My friend was getting f***** by the rider and said to me
Do what they did in the story
Never having seen her p**** before I got down right under her and watched the action
The s****** had a very huge d*** and made me hard to think maybe I would be told to suck it.
Sure enough.when she came my.friend said eat my p**** suck all the juices out and then clean her c***
As I did one gave me a blow JOB and when I went to the other same again
My friend told my to get on my all fours
Ad I got in position a huge entrails d*** filled my skinny ass and I screamed with whatever I was experiencing .
My friend grabbed my c*** rubbed it between her t*** till I came on her lips
While she Slurpee it up hungry.
I came again as the d*** in me hit my spot .holding it in her mouth the other started kissing her and swapped my c** between them
I cleaned off the d*** that f***** me
Thanked my friend for filling my fantasy
And we went on to her house where her husband was waiting knowing non the better
Needless to say she has gotten many more d**** for me to suck
While now f****** me herself worth a large strap on .
Cussing me hitting me calling me b****
The whole time
I love it and her for awaking my d*** sucking skills and letting me be the sissy b**** she knew was in me
I'll eat her p**** now every time I am commanded to with pleasure cause I know I'll be f***** and forced to suck multiple d**** to keep her turned on .


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  • I’ll call your bullshit

  • Call it b****
    What you got ???
    NOTHING !!!!!

  • Rubbish. Never happened. Nice story though.


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