My stepdaughters/ ex-friends disrespect me

My friend Caroline and I were friends since high school, after graduated we both moved to LA for college and work. We were very good friends. Just after we graduated, Carol's father, Anthony had a stroke.

Carol's mom died many years ago and Anthony raised Carol and her sister since they were 9 and 8. Anthony became half paralysis and could not look after himself anymore, so Carol and I decided to move back to Arizona so she can look after him.

Carol & I take turns looking after her father because he requires a lot of care and assistance. Carol got a job that she has been dreaming for and she could not decline the offer, so whenever she was at work, I'm staying at her father's house and help him.

I feel sorry for Anthony that because of his stroke he is no longer able to go out and have a date with other women. I understand that he still have sexual needs that need to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, I slowly fall in love with Anthony. I didn't tell Carol about the feelings I have for his father.

Fast forward a year later, both Anthony and I are in love. We finally told Carol that we are going to get married on Anthony's 55th birthday. Carol was furious and disapprove our relationship and called me names. She said I betrayed her trust and committed adultery with her father and used her father. This really broke my heart because my love for Tony is pure and I love him with all my heart.

Anthony and I finally got married but Carol and her sister did not come to our wedding. Carol disrespect me and spread gossips around our neighborhood that I am a whroe and seduced her disabled father and married him for money.
I am saddened by her attitude because we were such a good friend and I married her father out of love. My love for Anthony is pure.
I wish Carol could respect me as her new stepmother who is loving and caring for her father


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  • I hope things look up for you ❤️

  • They won't unless he shows some respect to Jono!!!!!
    He likes kidney beans too. Such a brute!!

  • F*** Jono. F*** him. He's a f****** Dinosaur!

  • Did you know,
    No one disrespects Jono O'keefe!!
    He's the head of the Darlo skins on Darlington uk,and he's a brute!!

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