I met a guy in the lift today and we

I met a guy in the lift today and we started talking. He ended up giving me his number .. so, I sms'd him, because I hate talking on the phone so much .. anyway, he writes back, "Ill ring you later today". Anyway, I hope he doesn't ring, even though I seemed interested, I don't want to talk to him .. I don't think he'll call anyway.

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  • just talk to him, maybe he'll change your mind about the phone.
    it's not so bad when it's someone worth talking to.

  • he's gonna become disinterested..

    and you're gonna be sad and eat your feelings away.

  • I think you are confused! And now I am too!

  • This is a F*CKING retarded post. . .get a life b****

  • pick up the f****** phone you stupid scrag your never gunna get any1 else

  • Your crazy! Just pick up the damn phone!

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