I feel neglected.

So to start I am 14 years old and I don't feel like my family loves me. I am different from them. I love them all. You could say I am a family man because i would do whatever it takes to keep my family safe. I would kill somebody even myself to keep them safe, but they don't realize that. Whenever we go on vacation If i recommend something they all automatically say, "No, that's stupid then we do something else. Even my friends try to hurt me. Yes, I do get female attention and I would push them out of the way of a semi so they live on. I don't think if I said any of this to them it wouldn't matter because they would put me first anyway. Like if a kid walked into my school with a gun, I would walk up behind him and stop him anyway possible. I hate being treated this way. Sometimes I feel like running away to stop the fighting and walk across the country, to see Dr. Phil to embarrass my family and tell my story. Someone please help me!!!

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