Journey to the Unknown

From a few months ago I have set up a whole circus to move to France, I did it because I wanted to scape from hard feelings from an exgirlfriend who just used me, I even started to study french and planned the trip for January of 2015, and suddenly when I thought that I would be free to leave, I've fallen in love of the most beautiful person in my concept, and now I don't want to go. She knows about everything but she believes that it is my biggest dream, it is big but not as big as finding true love, her love.

Jun 18, 2014

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  • Maybe the lesson in all of this is being true to yourself and those around you. If a relationship doesn't work, you get out of it..not by lying or escaping, but by doing the stand up thing and breaking it off in a mature manner. And when a new love enters, you are honest as well. You should tell this girl that this isn't your biggest dream, but still an important goal. January is still some time off. And although, finding true love is a big thing, living your life is equally as big. If this girl is in it for the long haul, she'll be there when you return. Between having to work full time and other life responsibilities, being able to travel or live abroad may not come around again. You may want to consider going for your own personal growth. Once you're in France, you could see a lot..Italy, England etc.. It doesn't have to be a permanent move and who knows you could invite this new girl to visit.

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