I wish I was a doe

I fell asleep and dreamt that a was a young cute doe living in the woods one day a met a boy ( blush ) we chased butterflies and dodged cars, one day around spring he invited me to a secret spot in the woods it was nice with a view, I come here often to clear my head he said I just looked at him wow, gasped by the scenery he held my hoof and said I don’t need it any more because I have you! We kissed I lowered my head and went down on his p**** he forced it in my mouth, it was so thick I began to make love to it as he rubbed my back sliding his hoof and round my tail I can’t believe I was doing this, this is so naughty I was a naughty deer he touched my v***** and parted it a little indeed I was a naughty little doe I was soaked and wet ready he said are you ready I Murmered a shy yes he spun me around and hopped on my back and stuffed my v***** with his boyhood I cried out as I was delightfully made his, I dropped my front hooves and took that d*** all nightlong, little forest critters came and watched me I was getting f***** and I loved it I felt him splatter my insides, he whispered in my ear I’m not done huh? He started tearing my a****** afterwards I fell over with a gallon of c** leaking out from my backside, this is my secret don’t tell anybody


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  • S** with those animals are along the way of 3 massive insertions and a blast of clumpy sticker glue. Then the male walks off with b**** as big as Sunkist Oranges per ball.

  • Did you poo?

  • Let make ur dream come true katie please let me help you

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