Does this make me gay?

My best friend and I are both 30. And known each other since we were 10.

Since, we were 13, I have been ass f****** him almost every day. We work for the same, I pick him up for work every morning.

But before we go to work, he opens the kitchen door naked. Bends over the table and we have a*** s**. When i drop him off, we go into the kitchen he strips, we again do a***. We have always gone bareback and I c** inside him.

I'm married and love my wife, we have s** every morning also before I leave for work. The s** with her is fantastic she is a complete w**** in bed.

But am I gay?

My friend is the only guy I have ever been with. We never kiss and he does not blow me.

It just from that first time at 13, when he pulled off his shorts and bent over and offered me his ass, I want to f*** him.

When I see his naked body, my c*** gets super hard. And the s** is the best . I also can last to 30 minutes with him.

He never has had a girlfriend and I'm the only person he had ever been with.

I don't want to give up our a*** sessions.

Am I gay or a s** addict?

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  • Ever heard of Bi? Christ, there is a middleground.

  • Sounds like you just love f-----ass. You do your wife three times a week plus your friend. You're a lucky guy. I wish I could have that much ass. I love to f--- ass.

  • It sounds to me like you're bi. It also sounds like you have a GREAT thing going! Enjoy it!

    I'm bi and married, and unfortunately have to sneak around and cruise for most of my gay s** fix. What I would give to have one friend who both wanted to f*** my as every day and who I could trust enough to take him bareback! Even with condoms I love being taken by another man and f***** until he c***, but it would be SO much hotter and satisfying to feel a bare c*** inside me, and to have him unload and fill me with c**! I'm getting hard just thinking about it!

  • Your just a h**** guy. Lol. Enjoy

  • It sounds like you just like ass. U don't kiss or suck. I love ass too. I think if I guy bent over and asked me to take his ass I would and I'm straight.

  • I think u love ass. Does your wife enjoy a***

  • Yes, very much. We do it at least 3 times a week.

  • Yes. Rough a*** with very little lubrication. She into pain

  • The gender of the person you are having s** with shouldn't matter. As long as it feels good then keep doing it.

  • Gay or straight, as long as you enjoy the s** there is nothing wrong with it.

  • You're a soddomite and will burn in h*** for eternity

  • It sounds lovely and you are most likely GAY. Enjoy it!!!!

  • No u r bi

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