Hi I am prince Robin and I like to sit on soft spongy stomach for long time with my full weight and like to dominate and humiliated to my slave. Last night I was sitting on my soft spongy springing and comfortable leather sofa and I told my slave to lick my boot. But after I watched I don't like his work and I became very angry that time I told him for sleep on the floor then I kicked his crock and trampling his stomach with my full weight and asked him poor slave you like this pain blade begar he said please for give me I like to hear that son of beach painful sound. Then I sit on his stomach with my full weight and said you begar slave touch my feet and say sorry to me. He do that and said I feel got pain in my stomach please wake up but I don't lisent that b****** voice
because I feel very good on his soft spongy stomach then he started to lick and suck on my feet. I am a rich and jamindar in this area and I think I had been wright. I give punishment all poor and beager slave of my like this. After that I was come to sit on the sofa and told him to remove his shirt and pants my slave become naked and I hold a stick and hit him by this. He worship me and my feet and eat my spiting by licking from the floor. I told my slave look this it's your place.


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  • Hi i am 23 years old slave, u cab sit on my stomach full weight as long as u want to.. how old are u and how much do u weigh..
    Email me
    I wud love to be your seat slave..

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