I wish I had a slave

Is it wrong that I wish I had someone to be my slave to do things for me? I get so tired of doing the daily tasks that need to be done along with the chores in my life. I wish I had a slave to cook, clean, do my laundry, wash my car, etc for me.

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  • I can be your slave for forever, wear what you want, if I do something you don't like you can hurt me all you want. Mad? Take it out on me, if you want me tell me your email. Im a pansexual female;)

  • Hii am poluraj26@gmail.com

  • OP and other comments who "want a slave" are horrible people. Do the world a favor and kill yourselves .

  • I agree though. it feels nice to have someone that literally live in the same space as you do. unlike siblings, they try to live life separately. if i had a slave.. i would have treat it in a good way. its actually like a gift to each other. one works for the money. and one works for the chores. but it seems like humans have a bad history about slaves its almost impossible to ahev one

  • It tells you're not an independent person, but at least learn to compromise.

  • It's called having a wife lol

  • For your kind information, wife isn't a slave. That is the most shittiest advice someone would ever give. Don't forget that your mother is your dad's wife. You just humiliated all wives out there. Aren't you one pathetic human being? Where the h*** did you lose your humanity?


  • Buy takeouts or eat cup of noodles, get rid of junk in your house, have the laundromat wash and bundle your laundry, go to the car wash or use one of those coin operated self-wash for 15 minutes, take Uber, buy coffee. Or get a second job to pay for all this. Then your daily chores won't look so bad. lol.

  • Well. I have a miad who does all of this but cooking. But we call her a maid not a slave

  • I can't afford a maid.

  • Yeah it's wrong you lazy F&ck!

    No one should enslave another!

  • I feel the same. It would be nice to just tell my slave to make me a sandwich and get me a beer. Rich people call their slaves personal assistants. I wish i can just buy a pretrained slave. I rather have that than a fancy car. If they were pretrained since they were young they are just happy and feel its how life is. Just like how we are slaves to the government. We work and pay put taxes. We pay healthcare 5-800 a month for our family. Government workera pay 10-20 bucks. We are just trained to get use to it. Its not like we can just pick our things and move to a piece of land and mind our own business.

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