Wii bowling with my wife and mother in-law

My wife and her mother are playing Wii bowling in the living room standing in front of me I couldn't help but watch both of there big beautiful a**** jiggling back in forth in front of me my c*** stood at attention I would love to have a threesome with them I'd f*** them both in the ass I'd start with my wife and finish with her mother dang I'm hard again just imagining it

May 18, 2019

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  • She told me she is shaved mmmm

  • I know what you mean. My mother inlaw lives with us. She walks around in a slinky nightgown with no bra and I see her t*** and nipples through it all the time. She has walked in on me a few times while I was naked in the bathroom room. One time I had just got out of the shower and she got a full frontal nude view of me. She paused on that one and just kept staring at my c***. I had to get her attention by clearing my throat. I've returned the favor though and walked in on her a few times. Eventhough she's 46, she's still hot. She's even hotter knowing she shaves her p**** bald. I'm pretty sure I would f*** her.

  • Same here fondled wifes mother one icy night walking her home had to have a good firm hold on her mostly her a*** and cupped under her b**** God I was hard wanted to f*** her when I got her home

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