Spanked by wife & her cousin

My wife spanks me, not in front of her mother, but in front of her cousin. Her cousins had spanked her late husband for years & suggested to my wife we should try it. One Friday my wife, her cousin 7 I had a bit too much wine. Her cousin urged her to spank me. I agreed thinking her cousin would leave. My wife had me bend over the dining room table and spread my legs. She took a hair brush and began to spank me. Then her cousin returned and watched. I was not sure what was worse, the spanking or the embarrassment of being seen by her cousin. When my wife finished I had to stand in the corner with my underpants by my ankles. Now she and her cousin both spank me.

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  • That's awesome. I do hope you appreciate that you're living a dream that many men have. I have a girlfriend who spanks me and it usually takes a lot of work to find a woman interested. For your wife's cousin to suggest it like that? You won the lottery!

  • Many guys envy you, believe me!

  • You are my new hero. For today, anyway.

  • You do know how lucky you are, right?

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