Jehovah WItnesses not having any luck in my neighborhood

Jehovah Witnesses have taken to using children in their effort to get people to join this evil cult. One day they sent two girls to my house one beautiful black girl with model-quality good looks and an equally beautiful blond haired blue eyed white girl. I took their literature and they left.

A few months later a pretty black girl and her cute little sister came over and gave me an invitation to some lecture of theirs.

This to me is playing dirty pool. Almost no one is going to be mean to people like this.

I personally am not mean to any of them but they can be a royal pain in the ass.

People in my neighborhood go to church but not a JW church. I personally don't believe in an afterlife or a God of any description.

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  • I used to have a Mother and I think her daughter knock on my door, at 11 in the Morning and I work graveyard shift.
    I told them to go away and not come back, but at least twice a month, waking me up.
    This went on for a few months, I got tired of it, so when the knock came, I got up, peeled off my underwear and answered to door stark naked.
    The idea gave me a huge hardon, not sure why but it was a dandy one.
    I said, "Hi ladies, come on in!!" with the biggest grin I could manage.

    For some reason I don't understand they left quickly and never came back.

  • How relevant will royals be to the future of commonwealth or just uk ? when majority are black or ethnic and not english when so much over population and unemployment when disease and poverty will be the end result of future nowno hope people are living in, especially for white disabled english in commonwealth nationswhen the bulk of workforce will be either asian or black ? how can anyone relate to the royals by then? AI and technology changing everything and food production. housing and illness and medical care. mental illness etc when business values are changing too rapidly and financing system, the economy is changing that can't accommodate what it used to. a need to look forward and not look backwards in the past. when the environment is going to fall apart no room for palaces around slums, global warming and palaces with no one using them when they could be turned into hotels that make profit and put back to community and not the family of the head of state person, it should be like a one person job, environment can't cope with it.

  • Do you see families being dined for free just because their parent is a govt worker? . when govt admin and roles of royals will change and have to for future. human and social values have changed, people want less pomp, they want more average casual due to economics and enviro, other political issues. just a figurehead and should be then for just 1 person of that family and no others.
    where is the proof of this ? then wouldn't all nations want a royal family then if this was really true? so why don't they then? does royal marriages and babies really bring in money to that nation? then why don't they have even more ? there is a greater deficit then benefit in the long run with security, clothing, accommodation, travel and extras. 

    can unemployed jerry see eye to eye with any royal? even if he was a bank manager 6 years ago today he is a bum living on his parents sofa but the royals never come down a peg or two like the average normal person does or even other rich titled english people do. jobs are not ment to last forever even in a profession or trade as chances are rapid and people like change.

  • JWs do no harm to me. Big waste of time, but if taking their flyer makes them feel good about themselves, then I can help them out.

  • I tell that if they want me to know their religious beliefs they must first let me start with a demonstration of my religion. They ask what that might be. I tell'em it's free love and s**. They never have time to let the door hit them on the ass on their way out.

  • I've had JW"s come to my door many times over the last 40 years and I've noticed the part where they send a couple women, especially black women who are dressed in stylish dresses and always sexy pantyhose and make-up. I always say, "Damn girls! You got some serious leg temptation going on here. Let me put my c*** or tongue down there and I'll show total attention to your message. As a matter of fact I think the missionary position was named after you!" They show a 100% rate of handing over a pamphlet and leaving in 5 seconds or less. I guess that's why they send send them in pairs; so one can snitch on the other!

  • I’m a Roman Catholic , and I hope these JW witness burn .

  • The Catholics took pages of the Bible. And lying to the children of God

  • Why?

  • Because they are a false witness cult , they don’t follow the gospel , they think they are so much better than the third class Roman Catholic folks which I grew up in .

    we Roman Catholic’s don’t wear suits and ties because most of us are not upper or middle class , they don’t visit people in prison like they should be doing , they speak as if they are superior to third class people and I want nothing to do with that .

    They say that Jesus died on a Pole , not a cross , they say that Jesus kingdom came in world war 1 , which is not true .

    they say that us Roman Catholic’s are extremely cold blooded murderers , but we only became murderers when our faith was under extreme threat of being exterminated by Islam and other Faiths and we took back the lands that belonged to the Catholic Church and kicked the bums out . We never apologized for those Murders to the Jews and Muslims and other so called Christians that threatened us in the lands that belonged to us first .

  • Catholics are going to burn to because they follow a false religion with a false Jesus. I meant Jesus so I know what to talk about. I was instantly changed when I met him. Catholics are not born again thank Jesus said you must be in John chapter 3. Baby baptism is not being born again you have been deceived Catholics.

  • They do that but do you really want them to burn eternally in some lightless hole somehow filled with fire and be tormented by demons for all eternity? I don't.

  • Try inviting them in and then rape them. It's lots of fun. Plus they usually need a good pounding to clear out all the cobwebs. Ye Haw!

  • I got a pair of them yesterday. I invited them in and told them how nice they looked and ogled the s*** out of them. They tried giving me their speal but I kept directing them to personally questions like if they were married and if they had boyfriends and man they couldn't get out of my house soon enough. I told them to come back anytime. If they send two men I plan on doing the same thing only in reverse.

  • I absolutely know a few that answered the door with no clothes on to end the JW door knockers. It only takes once and the problem was solved. They probably think thats pretty low.

  • Well since they send children to your door that might not be a good idea. I'm a man and I would not want a little girl to see me like that JW or not.

  • Religious freaks "going low" in their endless efforts to make themselves look good for jeebus? Say it ain't so!!!

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