I actually don't believe in God. Not in the traditional sense. I only go to church and am involved in it to pacify my parents.

I can't quite figure out if I'm arrogant or just confident in my abilities. Probably arrogant, which is something I need to work on.

I HATE my first and third hour classes. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm incredibly smart. Others times, I feel really stupid. A middle ground would be nice.

Why would you go to a $40,000 a year college if your main goal in life is to get married and pop out a few babies? Just makes me and the rest of your family have to tighten the ol' belts.

The girl who used to be my closest friend is a major b**** who hasn't changed an ounce since she was 14. Time to grow up, sweetheart.

I don't love him. Two years, and I don't love him. Not that I'm in love with another, I just couldn't see us working out in the long run. I want more than he is willing to give.

I need to travel. I just need to get out.

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  • Looks to me like you need to take some of the $40,000 you're shelling out for a school you don't seem to be grateful for, and use it to "travel" because you "just need to get out". The answer is clearly right in front of your nose

  • I think the overall analysis here is that you are just a f**. Simple as that. Now you have two choices get a life or do us all a favor and take yours


  • Put your faith in your back packet and take it with you when you do get out to explore the world. In 20 years you will look for it again and if you put it too far away you will be disappointed.

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