Spanked like a little girl

Is it weird that I like to be taken to the bedroom and have my ass blistered with a bath brush until I sob like a little girl?



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  • I hate my fuking mom

  • Yo n**** nobody wants to hear about yo mama

  • Get lost

  • Oh okay but before I do, go see the school counsler if you got problems with your mama bc the comments section is not gonna slove it

  • Like wtf and im almost 12 and my b**** mom does it and its not nice

  • 12, let me do it

  • I bet you are like my b**** mom

  • I would hit you back and my mom said im being a brat and she is the one who is be a b****

  • You are crazy

  • Like are you for real and my my mom thinks shes the boss and says im be a brat and i will be 12 in January and she is a b****

  • Your are a proper little madam and I'd use my hairbrush on you. you are a child and yes your mom is the boss off you and your eleven and not twelve. I hope your mom does it on your bare bottom also.

  • I bet you do, Bored Pedo

  • She is a cheeky little girl

  • Yes she is a rite little madam.

  • Idiots it's a male, this loser has a ton of posts here, nobody is in a conversation with the idiot he is answering his own posts, the best part of him ran down his mothers leg

  • If you have problems you can call that hotline

  • Like you complaining about your mother, classic

  • Shut your hole, old pedo

  • Retards

  • Will you wear knickers for me?

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