Young black guy

I admit I am slow on the uptake ?.
a black young guy said hello to me.
I know the block of flats.I do not know what flat he is in.
I older than him.
I never ever had s** with a black guy.I am the sub.
I am in my flat now.
I be waiting near those flats waiting for him.
I got written out my first name and my sexuality
with my mobile number.I am so desperate.
that last man that had me was a gay queen.
he had been stealing from me small things.
I did not notice that ended.I even say on my emails
hoping to strike lucky.
so many wasted years without a man orr a woman.



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  • Stalking is against the law. Find someone your own age and live your life.

  • Lovely to hear and I hope you update us all on your exploration

  • They’ll f*** you and use you. They don’t want any attachments. They just wanna live with mamma and smoke weed all day

  • ^TRUTH^

  • I can't stand people who are racist. I am Gay and always have been. I just came out of the closet 3 years ago. I am a man pleaser, I have strait men who I service. I love getting used, every weekend after my friends get out of the bar,they c** to me. Their are 4 of them and I love that they are rough with me, they do me hard,spit on me,call me names,they have there way. The last month I have been there human toilet, I actually love it. I am used to the taste now.

  • What does your sexual preference and lack of self-esteem have to do with racism? Oh right, you're the Virtue Signal Fairy... literally.

  • Never sleep with n**gers

  • Da fuq you just say!

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