I am a knickers and tights thief and sometimes I steel any clothing belonging to women. I'm a 38 year old man and 100% straight but I have a really bad fetish and obsession with women wearing tights and tights and underwear that belong to Sexy girls and women. I have stolen so many from so many girls and women. I have stolen the most easily from a Sexy aunt of mine and two step daughters. I cannot stop myself from doing this and really do not know how I have never been caught.

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  • Hello my fellow knicker snatching friend, I too suffer from this compulsion and I know that it is pointless trying to stop yourself from doing it. It is just the way that you are hard-wired, it is like sexuality, it is not a choice, it is just a far greater turn on than anything else you have ever done. It goes deeper, I have spent thousands on psychiatry to discover my problem or find out my issues.... Bollocks. There is no problem, just don't get caught, and stay away from speed!

  • I'm the type of guy you don't want to get caught by.

  • Yeah right, oh hello Mr big man.
    Go on then,tell me how you'd best my ass up and down the street if you caught me with your wife's dirty panties to my nose or in my pocket.
    I'll tell you what you'd do, you'd do jack s***.
    You'd watch like a little cuck as I bring them to my nose in front of you and inhale her womanly scent.
    Little bitchboy you are.

  • Haha you just owned him!! All hail pantie man!!

  • Turn yourself in for petty theft you a******. That is exact theft where the women has to replace her own property so you get your rocks off.


  • P******,no harm in taking panties

  • Mate,we must be brothers or something as I do too😅
    I've sniffed my mother in laws,both sis in laws(one of them on a weekly basis) all my mate wife's and gfs,female work colleagues,and random women who's houses I go to when I buy stuff off gumtree or eBay.
    My sis in laws are the best,I swear they get me high! Like seriously light headed in ecstasy! Once I was in her bathroom having a good sniff,I came downstairs and the wife said to me that we were going,the sis in law was by the door saying goodbye and I could smell her pu$$y from her knickers on my too lip still! I was paranoid she'd notice when I gave her a kiss goodbye but she didn't.
    Hers smell like heaven,she's a nice brunette,37years old,uk size 14 and they never have poo,just a nice creamy stain!

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