Me and Son Oeal

Even though my son and I say it will never happen again. Almost every night except when I have my period, my son and I go 69.

He 35 now I'm 55, it has been happening for 21 years now.

We have s** twice a week, but we both love long oral sessions the best. I squirt and he loves drinking it all. I crave his c** all the time and have swallowed from the first time.

Can't wait until he gets home from work and get his c*** in my mouth.



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  • I would love to watch or get pics in action. I love being bi and maybe ya'll will too?

  • Wow. Any girls who really does this add me on snap. Andyc2104. I'm a young guy btw. Girls only.

  • I'm a young guy If any girls truly does this honestly. Add my snap plz. Andyc2104 And say family so I know where u got my snap. And DNT be shy and add me. Only if u really do this. Girls only.

  • My dad and I f uck. I'm his 15 year old daughter and to h.e.l.l with the bull sh#t about bonding and love stuff. It's the idea of having his c ock in my c unt and him blowing his load in it that arouses me. FULL STOP.

  • My mom is the best f*** ever

  • Yeah sure you do. If you were actually 55 you wouldn't be able to use this site (because of Boomerism). You're just a h**** kid who got the hots for HIS MOM

  • Most kids have.

  • Great relationship.Why not stop the period?Enjoy daily why only twice a week?

  • We always start with oral, and get carried away. We are both pretty much obsessed with oral s**. Him swallowing my squirts and I swallowing his c**.

    It gotten so bad when my mother died last year, we were in the limousine and it had a privacy divider, I roll it up and gave him blow him on the way to the burial. I just need his c** at the point.

  • I like oral s** with my son as well but I also love intercourse with him. I would recommend intercourse for you and your son. There's no better feeling than having your son inside you. It creates a amazing bond.

  • I agree. I've been having oral s ex and full sexual intercourse with my son since he was thirteen. The feeling I get having his c ock moving up and down, whether it's in my mouth or my p ussy is just impossible to describe.

  • Very spot on.How long have you been together?

  • We been sexually active for 4 years now and its wonderful.

  • Its great that you are enjoying each other.

  • My Dad and I 69, daily. Since I was 17. I'm now 30.

    He's the only man who has been in me. We bare back, but I have not gotten pregnant yet. But I want to!

  • Get a ovulation kit and take aspirin 1 a day for 2-3 days around the time you are ovulating. Hopefully that'll help you and your dad conceive and obviously have plenty of s**! Good luck to you both

  • Thanks, I'll try it.

  • I hope you and your dad succeed.

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