Am i the daddy

I don't think my son is mine. I think my wife had an affair with her ex. I love my son, he is the world to me so I am afraid to find out the truth in case I stop feeling this way about him.

Jan 22, 2011

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  • Get a paternity test on the sly,don't tell your son and wife about it.When you receive the test,get a strand of your son's hair or pop his toothbrush,in with the test.I hope it works.Good luck

  • I used protection every time I f***** your wife so it is highly unlikely I am the father.

  • If you are raising him- you are the father even if you were not the sperm donor. Fact is you will always wonder but now is not the time to know. Wait till he is 18 and then do a genetic test if you want to confront your wife.

  • You're the only dad this boy knows. Does it really matter if he is or isn't biological? You could always conduct a DNA test. However, should you find he is not yours, the one who really gets hurt in this..will be your child. Is that a risk you want to take?

  • He needs to know still.I partially agree with, your comment.However,if the child isn't his,the child has a right to know,his bio father.

  • I agree with the above, forget about it and be his dad, its all he knows and would hurt him if you stopped loving him or being his dad.

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