I enjoy spanking my son

I am a 28 year old mother who has a problem i have a 10yr old step son from my last marriage you see my husband was abusive & he looks so much like my husband that i had to send him away for his safety but my son kept insisting & wanted to come home he couldn't stand leaving my side in fact he started to think i didn't love him & cut his wrists so i took him back home. but even though he is happy i am now struggling to keep my self from hurting him
every time i look at him i see my husband threatening to kill me. the reason why i am struggling to control my self is because i killed my husband with my bare hands. i love my son but i clearly still haven't gotten over my past i need help & i only feel relief after hitting or yelling at my son
i don't have the time or $$$ for therapy


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  • Why aren't you in prison?

  • How did you kill your husband with your bare hands?

  • When you desperate enough you will be surprised what you can do

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