HELP, I think My Boyfriend Is Insane!

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over 3 months now. We have a lot in common, he's sweet, caring, and tells me that he loves me quite often. Last week, he proposed to me. It sounds sweet, and all...but i think he might be insane.
At first when are relationship was just starting, he called me an angel. I was kidding, and said "Nah, more like a devil". This is where things get a little weird. He stated to tell me that he's the son of God, and that opposites attract. He sounded completely serious, but i wrote it off as a joke.
The next few weeks were normal, but then he started talking about (being completely serious here) MAGIC, witchcraft, and demon summoning. He went on to say how he can make anything that i wish appear out of thin air, and that when we die, he'll make me the Queen of Heaven.
It's been two months since then, and he still hasn't dropped this delusion of his. I went along with it because i wanted to be supportive, but now things have gotten out of hand. He's told me about ghosts being in his house, that his 'father' must have sent me to him as a 'divine offering', and now he decided to propose.
I love him, and i don't want to break his heart. But i fear that he might be beyond therapy or mental help. I need advice. Please! I don't have anyone else to talk to. My family doesn't know about our relationship, my friends say that i'm on my own, and i don't know how to take this situation on from here.

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  • First of all, you only knew him a little over 3 months, and he's proposing! Run as fast as possible. That's a very bad sign. Second of all he sounds like he's schizophrenic with grandiose delusions. If you don't know what that means go Google search for information on that status. Otherwise, get out of that situation fast before you really seriously regret it.

  • You have to end it. He's not giving you a choice about that. He's delusional, and delusional people can do things that aren't just weird but actually dangerous. Or deadly. Get away from this guy. End it today. This is not going to be easy, and you're not going to be able to end it gradually. You have to tell him you can't see him anymore, and then you have to stick to it. With restraining orders, if necessary (i.e., if he keeps coming after you). This relationship cannot possibly end well, and you have to be the one to stop it before it gets any worse. Please don't let him calm demeanor fool you. He's getting what he wants now -- your attention -- but if he stops getting whatever else he wants, he's not going to be calm anymore. Please get away from this nutjob as soon as you possibly can.

  • Don't get married right away, I see red flags here. Tell your parents, they have your best interests at heart.

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