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I met my Gf in my first year of college, She was in her second year, After school we got an apartment and jobs and I thought we were living a real life together, We met and and became fast friends then withing 3 months we became more, I knew she was into guys and she knew I was not. I made a few advances but nothing aggressive and she played along but never went too far, She was always a nude sleeper and I had the privilege of walking in on and watching her many times in the morning or in the shower, At first it was just a game for her, She would roll over in the morning and find me at her door, She would smile her beautiful smile and stretch letting a nip peek out or even a flash of her downstairs then laugh and say "Hey perv" and cover up, I would sit and talk to her while she showered and peek in once in a while, she would laugh and say "Hey, No peeking".
I knew she had been with a few guys, Ok maybe more than a few, She had a wild streak but I didn't care, We never did any real stuff until we went to a concert together with 4 other friends, Everyone had a room buddy and me and her shared a double room. After the concert we all went out and had fun, Got way wasted and went to the hotel, We walked into the room and she dropped her dress, No bra, No panties and flopped down on the bed, she wriggled around and got under the covers saying "Ohhh, Sooo, Cooold", I instantly stripped down and crawled in snuggling up behind her, I wrapped my arms around her and she nestled up against me saying "You're sooo warm".
I cupped her breast and she said "Ooopsie" and moved my hand then i put it back and she said "Uh oh, That keeps happening" and giggled, I slid my hand down over her side and across her thigh to her perfect, Round, Firm bum and went straight for her sweet spot, She was wet and I slid a finger between her lips but she clenched and pulled her hips away then pulled my hand back up to her chest saying "Boy...You are HANDSY tonight". I started kissing her neck and shoulder and she tilted her head to open up her neck and I even got a little moan out of her, She slid her bum back up against me and started to breath a bit harder as I softly nibbled her neck. I slid my hand back down between us and she rolled forward letting me have access to her from behind, I had her breast in one hand and two fingers of my other hand in her from behind as i kissed her neck, I leaned over her and we shared a soft kiss before she rolled onto her stomach and I kissed my way down her back, She had no reservations about getting up on her knees then spreading her knees to give me full access to her best parts, I slid under her on my back and she bounced her hips up and down as I licked her and pinched her nipples until she moaned and quivered letting me give her an o*****.
She slid forward and collapsed on the bed and I snuggled up behind her again holding her from behind as she tried to catch her breath, I kissed her and said "I love you", She sighed and said "I love THAT", We fell asleep and held each other all night, We woke up in the morning and she was very shy and embarrassed, We had a long talk about the previous night and how she was straight, We never told anyone about that night and went home, Three nights later she came to my room and was loud enough that by morning our other two room mates knew we had been together.
We were totally a couple the last year of college and had no problem letting everyone know it, We shared a room and kissed and held hands in front of everyone, We moved out after school and got an apartment and everything has been great for a year and I thought she was all in, We both go all the way on each other and even have a selection of...Bedroom assistants. Last week he admitted to me that she misses being with a guy and when I told her we had as many guys in out "Tickle trunk" as she could ever want she said it's just not like the real thing. I have never been with a guy and really have no interest in being with a guy but she wants to have the best of both worlds but the idea of her being with someone else is....I don't know, She wants to do it together and even has a guy picked out but...I don't know.

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