Wife lost bikini top

Some years ago we were having some work done in the garden, there were two workmen putting up a fence for us. My wife was taking a tray of drinks out to them wearing a pair of shorts and strapless bikini top. As she approached them the bikini top decided to fail and fell to the ground leaving her exposed in front of them. she froze not knowing what to do and they froze staring at her t***. It seemed like ages before the elder of the two guys came up to her took the tray and said thanks very much.

I was in the kitchen and saw it all, I was so turned on seeing them oggle her t*** the way they did. She came back in the house embarrassed as h*** but then burst out laughing. I have to admit that night we had great s**.

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  • I did that once but it was on purpose. Had some construction guys building a garage on our property in the middle of July. The temperature was pushing triple digits. I put on my bikini and went to take a dip in the pool that is probably 50 yards from the construction site. I walked out and stood next to the pool while the guys stopped working and started looking my way. I turned and waved at them before untying my bikini top and letting it fall down. I thought their eyes were going to pop out. Of course I say oops like it's an accident but it was so on purpose. I tied my top back up and took a dip. The guys didn't work the whole time I was in the pool.

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