Daughter still wants spanking

My daughter is now 19, and has been bare ass spanked all her life when she was bad. It seem she went out of her way to be bad.

When she was 12 I decided she was to old for spanking. So I stopped and she did even more bad stuff. I got fed up after a month of her s***. I grabbed her and she resisted I pulled her panties down and gave her a good spanking.

Half way through it her body started shaking and then she shuttered barely able to breathe. I realized she came.

After a minute she was still over my knee, she looked back at me and said "More Daddy". So did it again.

Long story short, that began her daily spanking sessions. Today they are about 30 minutes long. On the weekend they happen several times.

She stopped wearing anything during spankings when she was 15. Then she wanted me naked too.

We have not touch each others private parts but we both c**. BTW she squirts as I spank her. My c*** runs against her p**** but never enters her. But most times c** gets in her, she not on the pill.

We share a bed and she always wants my hand on her ass.


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  • I have 3 daughters all over 18 and in college now but living with us. They know if they if they are under our room they will follow our rule or they get the belt I don’t care how old they are. I get it from my hubby when I break rules

  • Better get your daughter on the pill. Really surprised you two aren't having s** by now.

  • We both want to, but agreed to wait until she turn 21 in 13 months and finishes college. She still a virgin but we go out as a couple and go on vacations together.

    The plan is to move across country and start a life together as a couple. There are no other relatives in our family to ask questions. So we can live as we like.

  • Good for you! Should be legalized

  • Amazing I'm a young guy. If any girls honestly does this. Plz add my snapchat. Andyc 2104 Girls only.

  • Yup.. about 12 he realized i was c******.. and you are full of s***.. if your naked.. your c*** is in her.. i practically jammed his in to me!!

  • My Dad died last year. I miss his daily spankings and s** with him.I loved Daddy so much. We did it for 45 years.

    My husband would not do it to me. I asked him when we first were married, but he was disgusted by the idea and said it was sick.

    Daddy was the only man who could give me true pleasure and children. He was a true strong man.

  • My daughter Holly and I did something similar, until she was 15, then one day she said Daddy f*** me.

    We been doing it several times a week for the last 10 years. She married now but we still spank and f***. Holly said her husband never makes her c** as hard as I do.

    She thinks her daughter is mine not her husband.

    I love my girl!

  • If this is true, enjoy, life is short. Yep, you should have a regular s**, but not taking the relationship seriously. Live your own lives, have your families but also secretly enjoy with each other.

  • My dad f ucks me with my mum's approval. I'm his 15 year old daughter. My mum ensures I take the the Pill nightly tho. My father likes me to smoke ciggies when he's f ucking me which makes me feel so damn f ucking ho rny.

  • Good for you! Great you have your mother's approval

  • Add me on my snap if any girls truly does this. Andyc2104. Say family so I know u got my snap from here. Girls only

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