Love smelling worn underwear

This fetish is driving me crazy...I love to look at, smell and even suck on worn ladies panties. Whenever I visit a lady I go to her bathroom and look into the dirty clothes excites me to see p**** discharges and a strong p**** smell. Are there ladies that enjoy seeing a guy sniffing their worn panties?

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  • No woman is safe when I'm about,I'm the master at swiping used panties !
    All my mates wife's and gf's ,all my sis in laws, mil's ,female work colleagues,strangers who had the misfortune to pitch their tent next to mine,women who I've bought stuff off ebay and went to collect😅
    I b***** love it! Swear I get high off them!

  • Great to hear. I love doing the same. Sucking out every last drop of p uss y juice is amazing. When you realise guys were tasting and swallowing not just their p uss y juice but sometimes their c um too.
    I've tasted as many girls left over juices in my family that I've been fortunate to get my hands on. Mom's panties, sister's panties, sister in laws panties, daughter's panties, nieces panties and nieces daughter's panties. Love to wipe them over my c ock head too. Like to c um into their clean ones as well and rub it in and put them back neatly. I love knowing my c um has gone inside their p uss y lips and hole.

  • F*** yes my friends wife’s are amazing after she’s worn them all day at work.

  • Me too man my mother in law's dirty panties and both sister in law's dirty panties tasted so sweet

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