Show Off

From a very young age i loved to expose myself. I was always afraid i would get in trouble. At first it was walking around with my Zipper ''accidently'' down.. real cool eh..then i got into wearing the short gym shorts we wore back in the 1970s and 80s..and my junk and/or ass would always be falling out as i bent over.. in stores. .on walks.. my fav was riding my bike.. stopping for a rest and swinging my leg off as i stopped.. in front of an older lady if possible.. always trying to make it appear as if i were unaware.. walking past open windows in my apartment especially at night with the lights on.. it finally dawned on my that women were not into looking at men as much as we liked to look at them.. at least that they would admit to. plus i realized it was a matter of time till i got into some trouble for exposing myself.. by this time i was married and found i got as much.. maybe more of a thrill exposing my wife, and that is easier to appear accidental.. men watch much more readily.. hardly any fear of being in trouble.. showed off her pantys.. pantyhose.. garter belts and stockings.. even girdles.. the corners and more of her bush sticking out of her swimsuit.. still have pictures and j*** off to them all these years later.. not she has long been to old and fat.. sigh.. wish a chubby chaser would f*** her while i watch...have to f*** her on my own. .plus have a girlfirnd a few years younger on the side.. she flashes for me too.. and much more than my wife ever did.. a***.. more oral.. dirty talk.. awesome

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