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I'm a guy, and the first love of my life was my best friend... who is also a guy. I recently broke up with my girlfriend of almost two years and this has sent me into a depression. I honestly can't see my future without her. She had no idea I was in love with my best friend at one point (neither does he). I identify myself as straight, but know I feel things towards other guys, but I would throw all that away to be with her. Wow... I'm messed huh?

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  • As a "Gay Crossdresser"...I love my "Boyfriend" (I thought was "Straight", but he isn't)...He put his arm around me, gave me a big hug, and felt my "Bra Strap" and then gave it a snap...We started kissing and one thing lead to another...Next, we were in bed making love together.

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