Barbara #2

Read Barbara #1 first if you haven't

Then on the seventh day I was called by the hospital, she was left during the night at their door. I rushed to see her and was shocked at what I saw. There was my beautiful Barbara, a woman I loved and sold for s**. A woman kind and generous. She was unrecognizable. We had been duped by an unnamed group, I won't name them our Barbara and I would have been killed, of men that took great pleasure in torture and pain had been who purchased time with her. She had been used by hundreds of men but worse they used tools to torture her. It seems they cannot get off without inflicting pain and humiliation on women. She later told me they electrocuted her continuously, they stuck pins, needles, nails into her. They nailed her t*** to a table. They whipped her p**** until it was so swelled up she couldn't pee and then a hundred men f***** her. They stuck blow up things in her ass and blew them up until they exploded inside her. They took a needle and thread and sewed her mouth shut, then her p**** and her a******. Finally they grabbed the stitches and ripped them open causing her to bleed terribly and the pain was unbearable.

She said they let her sleep for a few hours and she fell asleep hoping it had ended but when she was woken up there were at least 200 more men who had not f***** her yet. The torture continued for days. They wanted her to scream in pain as it made them able to c** by enjoying her pain. So they took a hammer and started breaking her toes, then her feet bones and finally her legs. One man took a knife and cut a hole in her t*** and f***** her in the hole. Another s*** in her mouth telling her to not swallow it then he f***** her in the mouth. 10 new young men arrived and started cutting her fingers off. They would laugh as she screamed. By the time she was released she had one thumb and 4.5 fingers left.

Finally on the evening of the 6th day they drove by the hospital and kicked her off the tailgate of a pickup truck. It broke most of the bones in her face and her left hip. They pronounced her dead twice in the ER but she was a fighter. Her recovery took more than 3 years and 47 surgeries. It took her 5 years before she spoke again remaining completely silent. The light went out in her eyes. She sat and stared never crying, never looking up, never smiling. For years I had to feed her, bath her and change her when she soiled herself. I blamed myself for not being more forceful when I thought she shouldn't go.

I always encouraged her to do things. I stretched her muscles and massaged her twice a day to keep her muscles and body alive. After about 4 years she one day tried to sit up after a massage. I was almost in shock but I took her by the waist and helped her and she stood. Then she tried to take a step but failed. But that was the start. After 2 more years we would go for short walks in the backyard I bought in the country. It has 10 acres, trees, flowers, birds feeders and even a pond with fish in it for her. We swam in the pool too.

After seven years of me satisfying myself with my hands she surprised me by offering herself to me. She was not talking yet but I returned to bed to find her naked and laying in a familiar position. I hesitated, looking at her and softly asked, "Do you want to make love?". She nodded yes and we made love for the first time in all those years. I was very careful to not hurt her but she seemed to be enjoying it though not like the Barbara I first met. Years later she told me how much she loved and appreciate everything I did after the brutality and how she would not have lived if not for me. We had 27 more wonderful years after the attack. We were married for the last 17 years of her life.

Barbara passed away February 23, 2018. I have suffered terribly since then accusing myself of the wrongdoing and knowing it didn't have to happen. I am completely at fault. I will likely suffer for eternity for what I have done but I pray God, in His mercy, has taken Barbara into His gentle arms and comforted her.

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  • Didn't bother reading this, nor did I look for the first "installment". But I did want to tell you you're a fucktard. Go drop your pants in a schoolyard if you need attention so badly.

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