I was pretty perverted for a kid.. (1)

When i was little, maybe 8-9 I used to often visit my cousin's house. She is only a few of year older than me and i had a crush on her. Now by this time i had already been.. i guess molested but i didn't mind? It's not like i was traumatized, i definitely enjoyed the feeling although i was far too young to actually understand anything. I ate p**** when I was 6 i guess and since that I'd moved. That's a babysitter story that I made peace with a decade ago. But At night, i would go into my cousin's room and lick my cousins ass. I guess i was trying to eat p**** again but i had no business doing that and that's why I assume i just had no clue. The first night she was laying on her stomach. I would go in. Get a taste and then leave. But after a while I noticed something. See she wouldn't always lay on her stomach. I would walk in and she would be on her back or side. I would be discouraged. I would start to leave but then she would shift. Each and every night that i walked in and was about to leave, she would lay down on her stomach. I thought I was just getting lucky but recently, im 24 now, we were walking and talking about stuff. Personal lives and we somehow gotten into the s** topic. We started talking about crazy crap we've done and she was like "I like getting my ass ate". This threw me for a loop. I had forgotten about my childhood misconduct with her but this brought all the memories rushing back. I responded with that's weird and she said "Come on, I know you eat p****. Otherwise the girls wouldn't be coming back to you despite the a****** that you are. Tell me with a straight face that you've never eaten ass." I shrugged and laughed it off..

But the way she asked, that smirk, that sparkle in her eye... I think i wasn't getting lucky with her when i was a kid. She kept changing positions with her butt up because... I think she knew.

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  • Same with my younger cousin. She pretended to be asleep and begged me to keep coming over to "watch movies" with her till 3am. She was curious and we both enjoyed our time together, no big deal.

  • Love young p****

  • Same!

  • Had my cous the first time when she was 8

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