Mr. Micro

I love my hunky goodl looking fiance. Just one small problem, his p**** is only 3.5 inches fully erect and 3 inch girth... He has huge manly hands so I would never have guessed his "little problem" existed.... He is so self conscious about it. I try to make him feel good about himself, but truth is I am lying. He is unable to fill me up or satisfy my needs. What to do? He is perfect in ever other dept. I have been with hugely endowed guys before and know what I am missing...
Any insights for me? Is it wrong to dump a guy because of his size?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Tell him you are going to find another guy to fulfill that need for you, but stay with him. This does not mean he can cheat on you. (actually, you wouldn't be cheating)

  • Google 'jelking' or 'jelquing'.. something like that. Pretty much just pull on it 25 to 100 times a day with each hand using oil. I watched a guy explaining it. He claimed he gained 2.5 inches over 2 years.

  • Get over yourself... get a grip on his little d*** and enjoy..... why would you want to hurt the perfect guy because life short changed him a wee bit...
    The measure of a man is not in his pants... but his heart, soul, imagination and humour....
    not all guys can be p*** start sized... so chill chick... and spread em for Mr. Micro...

  • So I should sacrifice my sexual satisfation for love.. I guess I could do that, but would my frustration end up wreaking our marriage.. I guess I will have to find out... there are always the big dicked guys sniffing around me, but once married I could never cheat.. oh what to do...
    Does anyone have a similar conundrum?? I know size should not matter.... but.. wow...

  • Learn to use your hand.

  • What's more important to you - love or s**?

    Shouldn't be too hard to answer.

  • D****. Learn to love it.

  • Well the way I see it is you have 3 choices. You can marry him and cheat on occassion with a bigger d***, leave him for a bigger d*** but loose all the other things that make him perfect for you, or you could start feeding him male enhancement pills in his food. Your choice. Either way in the grand scheme of things something has to give.


  • No I did not know about it until after we got engadged.... but now not sure if I can take a lifetime of his tiny d***...

  • Problem is, you would have known about it for awhile since you are already engaged. Why are you bringing it up this late in the relationship?

  • Dump him because of his size if its a issue enough for you to post here.

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