I regret breaking up with my ex and now I miss him a lot. I've been crying so much because I think breaking up with him was my worst mistake. I thought I had feelings for this other guy, but I didn't. I was just confused. I like him, but it's not as strong as what I feel for my ex. The problem is that the other guy really likes me, in fact, he loves me. He's a good guy and he would do anything for me. I really care about him. Meanwhile, my ex and I stopped talking and I don't think he's ever going to talk to me again. Should I just forget about him? I mean, I don't think he wants me anymore. He's trying to get over me. What should I do with my friend? I wish I could feel something for him but I don't. Don't get me wrong, he knows how I feel about him. The problem is that we act like a couple. Maybe I should ignore all that boy drama and just focus on myself. What do you all think? I like to think that someday I will find the one.

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  • You will find the "the one" eventually, but these two guys aren't it. It's unfair to your ex to play with his heart. Let him go. The new guy, be honest with yourself..if you're not feeling it now, you probably won't. Let that guy down easy and he can get on with his life as well. It also sounds that you just regret breaking up so you don't have to be alone. It sounds like you broke up with your ex because you thought the grass was greener on the other side and found out that's not true. Instead of fixing what was wrong, you broke up. And there are definitely times when a relationship just doesn't work, that you should move on. But when you need something from a partner, you talk to your partner - don't go outside of your relationship to patch it up with another relationship. Sometimes what you need has nothing to do with your partner, and it's all about fixing yourself. Example: if you are depressed or insecure, a partner is only a patch. No one can fix those things until you do work on yourself. Something to look at. What do you do? Just move on. Focusing on yourself and enjoy life and hang out with friends are all great ideas.

  • Thank you so much for the advice. It helped. I will move on and focus on my family, friends, and college, which I'll be starting this Fall. You're right. I was looking for someone to make me happy when my ex wasn't. But I did try to fix the problem. It was a relationship of two years that I didn't want to end just like that, but things happen and I gotta move on.

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