My Torn Heart

I am dating a guy he is amazing, supportive, kind, honest, and forgiving now I know your probably thinking what's the problem? Well the problem is I'm in love like proper can't get him out of my head, cry over him, flirt with him I just love everything about him. I feel like I'm cheating on my boyfriend and it's killing me inside to make things worse my boyfriend keeps being SOOOO nice. So anyway simply the problem? I have a perfect boyfriend who I don't want to dump even though he deserves better but I also am madly in love with a different guy. What should I do?????

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  • My thought is you don't love either of them, because you are playing both of them with complete disregard for either of their feelings. You are cheating on your boyfriend, emotionally. You've already left the relationship in your head, and where the head goes the body will soon follow. Save both of you the emotional pain of being unfaithful and leave the one you aren't actually in love with, if either.

  • so why are you dating some guy who you don't have feelings for but not the guy you in love with...

  • L****

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