The way it is

This isn’t so much a confession as it is a statement of truth.

N****** should be hung
Jews should be burned alive
Spics should go work in the fields for $.10/hr
Asians should shut the F*** UP
Towel Heads drop bombs on their a**
Broads need to be barefoot and pregnant

I would kill all but the last.
They should be raped and controlled

Just the way it is. Hate me all you want



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  • Not cool
    I was raped b4 My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • Go Hang yourself you racist Trump Supporting Inbred Hick

  • Why should I hang myself when there are plenty of worthless N1GGERS to hang!!!

    Trump...F UCK YOUR FEELINGS!!!!!!!
    Make America WHITE again!!!!!!!

  • HE LOST.

    F UCK *YOUR* FEELINGS!!!!!!!!

    God, it's gonna feel good screaming that right back at you infants for the next four years. Buckle up, snowflakes!!

  • Sieg Heil.

  • Nice try but your going have to do better to get the attention you want. Try going to a public place and pulling your pants and underwear down around your ankles and waving your tiny pathetic little thing around. That would be a good start. Oh sorry didn't mommy give you enough attention? No really your going to have to do better than this phony hate s***. It's like a D- at best. I'm not buying it. Try posting in the hate life and want to die section.

  • I hope you continue being miserable cause it just thrills me to death.

  • Listening to you MAGAts sniveling because YOUR BOY LOST thrills intelligent people even more!

  • This isn’t so much a confession as it is a statement of truth.

    MAGATS should be hung.
    Douchebro cops should be burned alive.
    SJWs should go work in the fields for $.10/hr.
    (AND should shut the F*** UP)
    Fundies? Drop bombs on their a****.
    Breedercunts need to be barefoot and pregnant a lot less often.

    I would kill all who get up in other people's faces and think they deserve to be there.
    They're already being raped and controlled, but they like it that way.

    Just the way it is. Hate me all you want! (You already do, since I'm capable of thinking for myself. It like makes me soooo sad, sob sob. LOL)

  • Do you go around making statements like this in real life, where you can experience direct repercussions for being a waste of skin? Didn't think so, tough guy.

  • Actually I do FAGG0T!!!!!

    I’d say it right to you and then kick the s*** out of you and rape your girl right in front of you!!!!

  • LOL! Uh oh, Keyboard Warrior's puffing himself up. Everybody act scared!

  • Ok thanks....aaaahhhh....could you please fuckk ur moma first then we’ll think about your project

  • Already f***** your mama so...

  • Urrrrr ur mama urrrrrr mama mama mama mama im a real good talker urrrr im 12 yeerz old n i have no pubes urrrrr

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