Want wife to catch me in woman's clothing with a male lover

I am a 50 year old bi married male crossdresser. I want to tell my wife I love c*** and dress or better yet have her catch me wearing a skirt, stockings, heels, panties and bra with a male lover in my ass or mouth.

Jun 28, 2019

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  • Want u to get the f outta here

  • Darling, I know what you must feel like, that yearning to feel the silky lingerie and a floaty flirty dress wafting around your thighs and you wearing a sexy pair of high heels.
    However, do you really know what could happen if your wife catches you and especially while your making love to your man.?
    Unless you are prepared for a worse case scenario don't get caught. But if you really want to live as female, but sometimes dress as male, then create a situation where your wife leaves you and its her fault!! you can then move into an apartment and live your dreams. I did and I love it!!!!!!

    Signed: Lingerie Lover.

  • Thank you for your note. I found it well though out and see your point. What happened to you?

  • Well that has to be easy to do

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