Twin brothers and me.

My twin brothers are 32 now I'm a 29 year old woman. 17 years ago this summer we started messing around while mom was at work and we were alone all day.

I developed early, I was a 32B at 12 years old. So for all 3 of us our hormones were raging. I started it by kissing them both and soon we were play show me your I'll show you mine.

The we all started touching and experimenting with each other. And watching Mom's p*** videos.

Oral was first, me sucking them and they ate me. They also sucked each other a lot.

By August, none of us were virgins. We all shared a big bedroom, so it was more of the same at night. Most nights mom rolled in at 2am for the bar drunk and passed out on the couch.

We love each other so much. And 8 years ago we bought our own house in a secluded area so we have lots of privacy.

It a f***-a-ton 24/7 with them. Oral, a***, regular s**, bondage, you name it we have done it.

We have another woman who joins us one weekend a month, and has no idea we are siblings. S** with her is amazing.

We also have two daughters, who call both my brothers Dad.

I love my brothers so much. No other man can love and take care of me like they do.


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  • The woman that joins occasionally doesn’t realize twins are siblings??

  • We used to be alone at home most times at the age of myself 7 and she 5 years of age. Once it happened that we playfully was making each tingling under the arms and on the sides of the belly on each other days. One day it developed into tingling the legs and then later between each other legs without removing our little panties. This tinglings gave way to nude acts and I too had my small c*** grow to three inches while fingering my little sisters c***. At that age we had no idea of penetration. So we just played with each other. One my while doing this act my little sister just sucked my c*** and she herself put her fingers into her bald and soft p**** and started masturbating. But I had no idea of any such to myself. However, as I grew bigger I felt the guilt of being a big brother and started to avoid such acts. She always when alone come and tries to start the act but I move away. She would then get naked and masturbates in front of me. But I refrained from touching and later she stopped approaching me and would m********* when I am around even when others were also at home. I have tried to persuade her not to but to no avail.

  • My sister use to play with me until she got married.

    Now it only happens 2 times a month.

    Miss nightly s** with her

  • I miss my sister too. At least i've got memories.

  • Incest is the most amazing, hottest s** you can have! Best of luck to you all!

  • If you are happy, good luck to you.

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