Oral Fun

I love giving women oral s**. I was giving this older married woman 5 years my senior who I met on craigslist oral s**, she did enjoy the o***** I gave her. After she came she pushed me off of her. She got up, dressed quickly and left telling me I was weird, said I had an oral s** fetish. I said I guess I do, I love doing that,I love to make a woman come. She told me I was disgusting and left me in this motel. I was mad I text her aking her what did I do wrong. Hours later she replied, "I should never have done this. My husband is a good man I feel horrible. You gave me something I haven't had in years and I don't feel better having it, I feel guilty and ashamed. I never cheated and I wish I never met you, you have a problem with women, any man who loves giving that much oral s** has mental issues, go see a s** therapist". I've given a lot of women oral s** and none of them reacted like this one did. Could my love of giving a woman oral s** be a mental issue? I'm a single guy who loves any kind of s** with women. I'll do anything they want, I even let a woman dominate me with a strap on, however I did not enjoy that at all.

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  • Please don't let what that woman said to you make you second guess yourself. I love giving head to a clean lady too. I love running my tongue up and down a woman's wet slit, trying to penetrate her as deeply as possible and letting her hump against me and hold the back of my head in her hands while she guides my speed over her c****** c***. I love it. Some women get off sucking a guys c***. I love those ladies. I am the opposite side of that coin. My absolute favorite would be when a woman straddles my face while I lay on my back and she uses me with her juicy p****, rubbing it over my lips and tongue, using me for her pleasure. This woman who told you to 'go see a s** therapist'....she'll go out and do it again. You should let her know you are available. She will seek it again and she'll learn to love it. Be there.

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