My husband loves BJs, but I want more too

I am 38 years old and my husband and I both love giving and receiving oral s** and I do enjoy swallowing his c**. He loves giving me oral s** and it makes me o***** several times, but there is something else I want, but don't know how to go forward with my request to him. I would love for him go go down on me right after we have s** and eat his creampie from my p****. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions as to how I might be able to get him to do this. I get so hot just thinking about him doing this for me.

Feb 12

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  • I love eating my c** out of my wife’s p****. Now I’m wondering what it would be like to eat another man’s c** out of her p****.

  • You just do it. Say it immediately as he c***.
    Tell him go down and eat my p**** it’s a huge turn on .
    Tell him to prove his love.
    I always wanted to eat my wife’s creampie she had a fwb before and during time we met. He had a very large d*** that had her coming back
    She finally admitted it to me. Told me if I wanted to break up she’d understand. I said just tell me how good he is and unzipped my pants so she could tell me sucking me. I told her I’m not mad.
    She us gorgeous so I told her as long as she wants to be with me it’s ok.
    Then as time went by I would tell … you mean I was eating his creampie? She would say yesss!
    Then I would f*** her a little then go down on her. She would ask what are you doing?! I would say pretending I’m eating his creampie
    This would drive her insane. She would ask me how does he taste? I would say both of you taste amazing. She would tell me yesss baby eat his c** out of me and she would explode hard

  • I’ve tried to get my hubby to do that.

    Was not successful till I allowed the contractor working on our house to fill me up just prior to my husband coming home.

    I urged him to have s** before dinner. We always start with oral. So Jim started eating me out. He was so turned on by how “wet” I was.

  • I'd do it for you n a heartbeat !!

  • Let me lick my c** out of you

  • I’ve been trying to do that to my wife for years, but she won’t let me!

  • I want to do this to my wife but she won’t let me.

  • I also enjoy licking my wife after I fill her up with a good o*****. Sometimes that's what gets me off, knowing I get to please her with my tongue and taste our s** together. I also enjoy licking c** off her skin. I'd gladly clean her up after another man fills her or even clean him up. Maybe you could get him into the taste by kissing him after he c*** in your mouth?

  • I am a 50 yr old male. I love cleaning my wife up after s**. We have also done it in a 3sum setting where I went down on her after another man had s** with her.

  • WOW and I bet I could enjoy a threesome with you and my husband. I love what a wet tongue does to me, so tell me more.

  • Where are you located? It could happen...

  • We're just a little south of Charlotte, NC

  • So sad. I’m in Texas

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