Is it bad

So i am 14 in i get h**** and so i whach p*** and use my vibrator is that bad to whach p*** at 14 yes or no

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  • You are f****** illiterate. Another stupid troll.

  • Any girls who play. Add me on snapchat. Andyc2104.

  • Not at all bad. It is a good thing. It helps release your tension and helps your sexual ideas and attitudes develop. It is a beautiful thing. Even better would be if you could get a boy or two at your school to watch you and help you with it. I'll be lots of boys would agree to help. Try it.

  • Count me in!

  • No it’s not bad in fact it’s great. F*** yourself to your hearts content

  • Side note: I’ve been masturbating my c*** since I was 11. I just graduated college, do very well with women, and still j*** my c*** whenever I want to which is often. You’ll be fine. Please your little p**** and make it happy

  • Is it still the same?

  • Natural. I have had 12 yo beg me to let them watch p*** with me. Are you sexually active?

  • A wonderful way to educate a child. We have so many opportunities today, lets take advantage of them. Watch with your child, and then do some of the things with her that you have watched.

  • By 14 daddy should have been doing that with her, my step dau was 8 mmmmmmmm such a lovely p****

  • Love to be with that h**** 12 yr old

  • Sucking the t*** while my hand is in her knickers fingering her

  • It's not bad at all.

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