mental illness

My man p***** me off, yet he "understands" no one unless in this possession understand how i feel. no one can do. he says he dont believe in marrage. i try to list my mental but when you look it looks soo bad, personality 3rd disorder, bi pol, depress, insomnia, anxiaty eating disorder. thats all im giving up for now

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ Same here!

    OP, you'll need to add Learning Disability to that list.

  • ^ I agree. I could not finish it.

  • Maybe he'll understand you if you learn to speak proper English... F***, that was annoying to read.

  • the man is not ready for marriage and he is not a responsible one,my sujjestion is either if want to get married get some other person...and if you don want to leave this guy..Then stick for few more years..then he'll be mature enough to understand why marriage is important.

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