Scared I Gay

I'm an 18 year old guy. My mother is a hardcore heroin addict. And she has let my uncle (her brother) take me anally almost every night since I was 12 in exchange for drug money.

I'm not big, 5 feet and 105 pound and I have been mistaken for a girl many times.

I hate them both, but have no place to go. He not rough during a*** and uses lots of lube, but I'm afraid he made me gay. They force my to wear girls clothes in the house and made me grow my hair long.

Since the first time I got hard as he f***** me. At 13, I started to c** from being ass f*****. They both say See you like it you get hard and c**. You are a f**.

I hate that I c**, why is this happening to me! I hate myself for being gay and c******.

Could they be right? Maybe I am just in denial about gay.


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  • You're gay. Lay back, little girl and take your uncle's fat c***. Maybe if you're good, you can grow some t*** like your mom and lick the c** out of her p****.

  • Say dude, I am really sorry for your situation. Nobody can make you gay. Being gay is a sexual preference for members of the same s**. I understand you have beeh raped uncountable times and your body is simply responding to stimulation. That is why you c** during your rapes. You are lucky your uncle is somewhat caring and is trying to make the experience the least painful for you. Try to get some professional counseling and don't beat yourself up for your body's betrayal of you. S** should be an expression of real love between two people who love each other and are willing to put the other persons needs above their own. Only you can make yourself Gay.

  • You want to talk about it Op?

  • It's normal to c** during a*** because you're prostate is getting stimulated.

  • You're not gay, you're a rape victim. It's not uncommon for rape victims to experience the signs of physical arousal during the act. Men get erect, women lubricate. Some men and women experience o*****, just as you did. It's called "body betrayal", you can read about it.

    If you could have s** with a partner of your choice, what gender would that partner be? That's what determines whether you're straight or gay or bi. The fact that you've been victimized by rapists who happened to be men doesn't make you gay.

    Oh and call RAINN at 1 800 656 HOPE.

  • You haven't had a chance in life to know who you are. All you've had is two people that are suppose to be loving support but abusing you. Why wouldn't you have thought that maybe you are gay as those 2 people are drilling it in your head to justify their wrong doing.

  • You mom and uncle need help for their drug addiction. I personally don't have a problem with s** between family members but you were too young. If you are gay don't worry there is nothing wrong with being gay at all.

  • Mom and uncle need to be in jail. Uncle for raping OP, Mom for pimping OP out for drugs.

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