Embarrassing Situation

I was married for 18 years to my high school sweetheart before divorcing in 2012. We never tried to have children since both of us were building our careers.

After our divorce I decided to retire at the age of 37 since I received a substantial divorce settlement. My plans were to just enjoy single life and do some traveling.

Since that time I have traveled to several different areas of the country, the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada. I have not had time to settle in with another partner only dating occasionally.

I have spent most of my time with family and female friends some of which are my travel companions.

My closest friend is also my neighbor. Over the last seven years since the divorce her son has done my yard work and other chores when available. He graduated from high school three years ago but still helps me during the summer when home from college having grown into a very young man.

This past March while he was on Spring break I had ask him to help me move some furniture when he had some free time.

One morning very early he showed up at the back door. I had not taken time to get dressed wearing only a tank top and panties so I quickly grabbed a robe before letting him in.

I offered him some coffee which he turned down so we went to one of my bedrooms showing him how I wanted it rearranged.

As I was walking around my robe caught on a piece of furniture pulling it open. It was caught so I was having trouble getting it back together. I was shocked when he said "nice bod" then opened the robe to see more.

I was embarrassed but flattered at the same time so I called out his name in a questioning manner but then he kissed me. I was surpriised at his straight forward advances but did nothing when he kissed me again. It had been a while since anyone had shown me that kind of attention so when he started a very passionate kiss I put my arms around him.

I guess it gave him the idea I was interested in more so as we were kissing he started unzipping his pants. When I told him we needed to stop he paid no attention at all. We were standing beside the bed then he told me he wanted to make love to me.

I told him we couldn't but he eased me back on the bed dropped his pants then got on top of me. I told him he shouldn't be doing that but at the same time somewhat anxious knowing what was coming without even considering the possible consequences.

I just said "Oh my God" as he pulled my panties to the side quickly pushing his p**** in me. The feeling was unbelievable since I hadn't had s** in the seven years since my divorce. He made love to me for several minutes before he came in me which was very satisfying after so much time.

Not much was said except him saying "very good" as he got up. I told him I couldn't believe he had just done that to me not wanting to admit it had been enjoyable.

After he completed the work he had come to do he left and I didn't see him again before he returned to college.

Two weeks later when I was three days late with my period I took an EPT which showed positive. I waited a few more days just to be sure then called him at college to let him know I was pregnant. He came home the following weekend so we could discuss how to handle it. I didn't want to abort it so the issue was what to tell people. His mother would kill both of us if she knew what had happened so we decided I would make up a story about having a one night stand with someone. I am financially stable so I can handle the expenses and care with no problem.

I am now actually pleased to be 16 weeks along and looking forward to raising a baby boy which is due late December or early January


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  • I am past menopause but have this young man in his mid-20s who helps me on weekends on household errands. It was one of the summer weekends when I took him on a long drive. I was in light cotton blouse without bra on and short skirt with a pair thong underneath and he was eying on my attire from time to time. I caught him looking at my b**** and drew closer to kiss on his lips. He quickly reciprocated. And I let him f*** me hard. His hard strong c*** led to my o****** after a long time. We returned home late in the evening and asked him to stay for the night. I was almost s**-hungry (and so was this young man) and after a quick meal and some drinks, we f***** twice - every time I reached mind-shattering o******. Next morning we had shower together and I sucked his c*** to his e********** in my mouth. I envy you in the sense that wish I could conceive with his sperm. I strongly feel for a baby now!!

  • Something similar happened with my wife and our neighbors son Justin who was on leave from the military. He didn’t enjoy hanging out with his parents so there were times he would drink beer with us in the back patio.
    I really noticed how his eyes were always on my wifes Linda big t*** and ass.
    I even suspected they had a small crush on each in some sort of fashion. My wife a gorgeous 46 year old Hispanic hottie.
    Justin a tall 22 year old blonde kid.
    There were times I wasn’t there when he did chores for extra money. There were also times he worked w/o his shirt that showed his ripped and chiseled body.
    One day I notice my wife was acting awkward and I was thinking it being due to Justin leaving soon.
    After several days she tells me about an experience they both had. Justin was inside working on the sink early one morning she walked in wearing only panties and small T-shirt. He immediately saw this and gave her a huge compliment. Next thing you know he has her pinned to the cabinet and is rubbing all over her. Being the gullible person she is she didn’t know how to just say stop. He then pulls out his c*** bringing her hand to touch it. Before long they are making out. He’s inside of her no questions and is pumping her. She told me it never felt as good as when he was inside of her. He c*** inside of her then they both just go back to what they were doing . They both promise not to say a word. She tells me and I’m p***** but very aroused.Later that night I want all the details as I am receiving oral. This has been the biggest spark to our relationship. We are now going to experience more young guys

  • My wife is 15 years younger than I and 60 now. When I had prostate surgery 5 years ago I could no longer satisfy my younger wife.
    In any relationship, one partner will age sooner. There is no logical reason both should suffer. We had always been open-minded. She even had an affair years before, so was no prude. With little coaxing, she let me recruit a 30 year old man from an adult dating site.
    She let him f*** in her v***** and pretended it was me while I kissed her lips and fondled her naked b******. It was very satisfying for both of us. She's since tried other men and other positions, but that is our favorite.
    We now keep a stable of 5-6 young men who will act as surrogate lovers and service my wife while we kiss and hug.
    Our only restriction is, they must be 30 or younger so they can satisfy her with no risk of emotional involvement.
    Again, there is no logical reason to deprive my loving wife of ten more years of sexual fulfillment.

  • Really? Couldn't she use a personal vibrator?

  • Really Troll? You're micro-managing my wife's six life? She's past menopause now, so not worried about pregnancy and she prefers her young lovers bare-back with their s****** slapping her rear..

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