I'm a 21 years old and i had s** with my brothers friend Josh he came over one day looking for my brother.i said that my brother wasnt home but i invited him in.he is sooooooo hot!so we were sitting on the couch and he put his hand on my leg and kissed me.(i have a bf and he has a gf) then we started making out (i was.wearing a blouse and a mini skirt)we layed down then he started at my knee and slid his hand up my skirt and i felt him touch my b***.that turned me on.we went to my room and i pulled of his shirt then he pulled down my mini skirt(leaving my panties on) i took off his belt and pulled down only his pantes.he took of everything except my bra and panties.i collapsed on the bed and he pulled of my panties then took out his p****.he put it in my p**** and i was moaning a little loud.then he took it out.i got up and put his c*** in my mouth.i sucked it for at least 10 minutes.then he finally unhooked my bra and pushed me on the bed.then he said that my b****** were big and started to suck them.then he went down to my p**** and then a******.then we fingered eachother.i let him c** me.then we stood up and i told him to grab my ass and he did.then he went back to my p**** and swirld his toung around.then he stuck his p**** in my p**** again and this time i hurt so much yet i loved it.then we dressed and went to a hotel so we could f*** all we wanted without my brother coming home.when we got there we undressed and i gave him a quick b****** and we fell asleep.we had s** the same way 4 times the next day.and it continued for a week.i told my brother i went somewhere with my friends for a week.all me and Josh did was f***.it was sooooooooo im pregnant and we are engaged(both dumped our bf and gf) and my brother and josh still f*** like crazy.and he f***** me harder then i ever been f***** in my young life!!!absolute BLISS!!!!!

Feb 6, 2014

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  • You must be about 8 . Your English skills are just awful. Lousy speller and you do not capitalize the beginning of your sentences as well as the word "I".

  • -_-
    I didn't write this but I guess you are the grammar police... I hate you a*******. If you wanted good literature then maybe you should read a book, rather than an entry on Connfessionpost.
    Much love, Em xxx

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