I'm gaining weight on purpose and my husband loves it

I've always been a fatty but I figured that I have gaining fetish when I was 25. After realizing this the whole world of gainers and feedees opened up to me so I joined all FA topic related communities and social media I could find online. That's how I met my husband 10 years ago. Turned out we live in the same city so we met in person, started dating and decided to start living together and get married in less then one year. When we met I was already pretty big, around 400 lbs and I was gaining a bit on purpose on my own. From the start our ** involved feeding and food but it took us 2 years to come to the fact that we both want me bigger and that's when we decided to start making me bigger. It was 100% consensual decision and it basically became our way of life that we are practicing for the past 8 years. Our fetishes unfolded over the years and we are still exploring ourselves and we are continuing to live our way despite all the downsides and judgement from our friends and family who at one point accepted us. Even though we have very open relationship and talk about everything my husband struggled to admit that he not only likes me fat but takes pleasure from the fact that weight brings more and more struggle and mobility limitations for me but I kinda figured that even before he confessed and I get it and I don't think it's sick or that he is sadistic. I understand that he is attracted to the visual part of it and also he is into being of help with everything I need as I grow bigger. We don't have any specific weight goal and we combine real life gaining with role play and it works perfectly for both of us. I'm currently 645 lbs and we both love my size. Of course its affecting my mobility a lot and I'm mostly staying at home but I like it that way and I don't mind it. I need his help with many everyday stuff but he enjoys being my helper and I don't mind having to ask for help. I wouldn't want to become much worse then I already am and he is well aware of the fact that my mobility will eventually be the breaking point for me when I would want to stop, but we are still not there. To fulfill his ultimate fantasies we roleplay and through the roleplay he finds satisfaction. In our roleplay we pretend that I am bed bound and he gets to take care of me completely for a day or two, we use weekends to do this and I must say that I too find pleasure and sexuality in this even though I would never go to that extent in reality. In our real life no one knows the reason for my obesity and our feeder / feedee relationship is our secret. We only talk about it with other couples online who are living the same lifestyle. I know it might sound perverted and sick even but we think that everyone has the right to live how they decide and desire. Does anyone relate to us?

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