Paddled by wife

Only my wife and I know about this. She is a great wife and our marriage very happy. She is of a more religious nad moral nature so if i go out with the guys and drink and carouse too much--its automatic i get my anked butt paddled as soon as i get home no argument from me i have got it coming i quick shower and just bend naked over tub and she paddles my naked butt and it hurts but once over things are good between us. It is a total secret so no issue od any shame or embarrassment I have always felt I was the only guy Are there others out there? Would hope to hear any comments thanks

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  • I am a 24yr old male and I still get spanked !!

  • I am a 24 year old male and my mom still whups my bum if I step out of line !!

  • Count me in too. My wife thrashes my bottom often and i love it.

  • Spanking is very intimate. S** is s**. It's normal for want of a better word. Spanking between adults implies a very close and trusting relationship.

  • My wife beats my ass all the time. I love it. It feels so good laying across her lap and then she pulls my under pants down and beats the s*** out of me with either a leather whip or a wooden paddle. I love getting a good spanking . I usually end up spooging all over her legs.

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