I'm gay

I'm gay.......

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  • The truth is that there are very, very few guys and girls that are 100% straight. Overwhelming majority of women fantasize and some even actualize their fantasies with other women.
    Hardly and man, even the ones who claim to be 110% straight, would refuse some fun-times with very feminine-looking T-girl or ladyboy. There are some T-girls which look far better and more feminine tham most women, except for their thing down there.
    On the other hand very few men actually fantasize about other men and prefer them over women.

  • That's true I would f*** a T girl in a minute.

  • ...ok, so what....

  • Gasp! No no NO! You must applaud wildly for OP!!! Throw yourself at their feet and get to worshipping! OMG everybody, we've got a GAY person over here. Is anyone peeling grapes yet? There should be peeled grapes.

    There, OP. Got enough attention to hold you for the next 5 minutes or so?

  • I’m Bi-Curious, but after feeling the body’s of many girls , I became straight.

  • We could tell by the way you type. There was just . . . something . . . about that first letter "I" that gave it away.

  • That's cool but you see all the post you got mocking you. You won't get use to it either. In my 28 years I haven't gotten use to this juvenile type of abuse. Yes it's abuse. When will it ever stop?

  • When you stop letting yourself be defined solely by whatever makes your junk tingle. No sensible person gives a f. uck, and the morons among us will be juvenile no matter what you or anyone else has to say. So stop being so precious, lean into your preference, and shut the h. ell up about it!

  • Me too I love sucking c**** also. Can I suck your d***? Pretty please?

  • Eat Me!!!!!!! OK???????

  • Bend over MF'r

  • Good give me head please

  • Awesome

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