For an intelligent person you're also a

For an intelligent person you're also a f****** idiot. Don't you see that we would be good together? I mean, aren't the signs pretty f****** apparent by now? Either you're scared and shy, or you don't care about me. But I can't tell which it is and this drives me crazy. How many more people like me are you going to meet? You've dropped hints, more than once, that you're not interested, so why then is this so hard to believe? If it's true, you should tell me directly instead of skirting around the issue. Oh, but you never do, do you? While I'm ranting, you should snap out of your depression and wake up. Yes, the situation freaks me out too. It's not easy for me either, you stupid d*******.

I just want to know, but you make it so hard to understand.

And what the f*** did you think you were f****** doing when you asked me to take your photo in the f****** park, so you could put it on the internet dating site? Did you have any idea how bad that made me feel? There I was, right there, on a weekend morning, and the best thing you could think of to do was ask me to take your lousy photo so you could find someone else. I'm leaving at the end of the year. And then that's it.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I'm sorry...

    Just reading that makes me feel sorry.

    I'm sorry.

  • I think he asked you to take his picture to put on the dating site to test you, girl! Come out and ask him how he feels about you! Tell him that youre going crazy and need to know!

  • Yeh, so it would seem. Cheers, thanks a lot for that.

  • he's just not that into you

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