I want to kill

I have a legitimate desire to kill but I have a moral compass and know i would be punished anyways. But if i was in a situation to kill someone who deserved it, i wouldn't think twice. I want to watch someone breathe their last breath. I want to hear the life drain from their voice when i stab their lung.



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  • I just killed a few mosquitos and flies. Nasty bastards.

  • Imagine you two who want to kill meet each other. Consent. If you are successful, the world is a better place.

  • There is more than one response to this post below, therefore there are more than two people who say they feel this way. Use your fingers to count them if you have to.

    I can't say I disagree with any of them, whether or not they're serious. This world's got it coming.

  • Right there with ya!!!!! I have a very strong desire to kill and watch someone’s life fade to black. There are a few people I would be more then willing to kill and can guarantee I would have no ill will in committing the act. I would not lose a second of sleep watching them die.

  • Seeing a person die , it’s not something you wanna go through , do you have idea the consequences you have to go through in seeing a person breathe their last breathe , it’s not something glorious or all right , I witnessed my mom pass away , it was not good , I witnessed my next door neighbor pass away , it was not good , I was the last person she spoke with , she just went into her apartment and died , I was the last person she said goodbye too . Just grow up , death is not something you wanna witness , there is too much stress and PTSD in it . Death is not a game , there is nothing glorious about it .

  • I have watched friends and relatives die too. It's not great to experience, but it's far from the worst thing a person can witness or participate in.

    Death is part of life, and the reason so many people freak out about it is because they will knot themselves up in denial until it's their mom's or neighbor's turn.

  • That's nice. Do... do you honestly think you're the only one?? That is SO cute.

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