Wife does strip tease

My brother in law was in town for a week and we agree to go to a local bar to have a few beers. We both had too many beers and our conversation turns towards s**. He are both kind of h**** and we discuss going to a strip joint. He comments how fun it would be if my wife Amy joined us. He was drunk enough to admit he always had a thing for her.

I called my wife and explained the situation and she said it sounded like we both have had enough, come on home. I agreed, it was late and some common sense won the argument.

When I pulled up in our drive I immediately noticed I could here some music. We stumbled our way to the front door and I see my wife with a Corona in hand, sitting on a chair and she is wearing a see through nightie. My brother in law Alex noticed also. His wife is cute but nowhere as cute as Amy.

We move inside and she grabs another beer and she asks if we still want to go to a strip club? We both seem content to stay home now.

She looks at Alex and says I will do whatever my husband asks of me. So I sit down, grab the remote and turn up the music. Alex sits right next to me and whispers ask her to dance. Amy starts a slow dance and very shortly has removed her top. We continue to watch as she becomes more and more turned on and is enjoying our attention.

I tell her we want to see everything and during the next song she becomes completely naked. She is a knockout! Perfect size C breast, shaved p**** and an ass that demands attention.

The song ends and I turn to Alex and say what's next? He says your wife your rules. I ask her to bend over and show us her ass. We both get a long look at her glistening a****** that looks amazing.

So I don't know what to do next. Yes Alex seen my wife but so far no touching. So I ask her to lie down in front of us. Once she is in position I ask her to satisfy herself. My wife starts masterbating and very soon has a loud o*****.

When she was done, she calmly got up, got dressed, grabbed another beer and sat down. She was still wearing her see through outfit and we continued to talk for a couple hours.

I was so happy to share my wife's body with my brother in law. He lives out of state but visits on business about 3 times per year. I hope we can have a repeat performance on his next visit.


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  • It's not clear, when you say brother in law, do you mean your sister's husband, or your wife's brother?

  • Wife's brother

  • Sounds very exciting. Glad you didn't let him f*** her. Looking is one thing. I don't know how men can let their wives get f***** by other men.

  • Because it's awesome! I love sharing my wife! She loves it too!

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