Our little social experiment

When my wife and I had first married we both were wild and pretty crazy. Were both smoked lots of weed and drank a bit. So we were more inclined to do crazy wild things. I was just 19 years old and my wife was 17. I had gotten her pregnant when she was 16 and a half. It wasn't long after that I was wanting to watch her have sexual relations with other guys. She didn't want to at first but she soon found married life to be boring and missed dating others. So I convinced her to remain with me than return home to her very controlling father.

The first time she brought a guy home to have s** with I watched while hiding behind a dresser I put catty corner in the room so I could watch. After a bit this wasn't enough for me or her. So I came up with what I called our little social experiment. We both learned stuff from watching things on television about things like sperm wars and natural selection and even cuckolding. So my plan was for us to see who would get her pregnant. I thought it would be really cool and neat and lots of fun if we tried it out.

So I would make love to her in the morning and then she made my breakfast and kissed me goodbye. Then the guy she selected as the one she wanted to possibly be the father of her next child would come over about an hour after I left for work. She would then have intercourse with him unprotected. We did this for about three weeks and sure enough she became pregnant with child number 2 a baby girl. After baby 2 was born we took a short break from the plan. Then 8 months later we tried it again. This time with another fellow she felt partial to. While I was at work she would have intercourse with him and I would have intercourse with her that evening. So I was getting her twice and he was only getting him once or so she said. Well in about a month she was again pregnant with baby number 3 this time a boy.

She and I had discussed all that pertained to the making of baby number 2 and baby number 3. The guy she was with during making of number 2 was only marginally larger than I was. My member is only 4.75 inches long by 4.25 inches in dia. I had her measure him and record it in a book along with how long the s** was and things like that. He was 5.5 inches long and 4.5 inch in dia. I also had her get each of them to e******** into a cup so we could compare the amount of s**** to me. Guy number 2 he made a bit less than me. Now the guy she was with when baby number 3 was made well he was 7.25 inches long and 5.5 inch in dia. He made about 1/3 more s**** than I did.

She also noticed that his longer curved member and his head was broader and flared out around the edge of its circumference. She said that after about twenty minutes of hard pumping and thrusting most of my s**** ended up around the base of his longer member. This I found most interesting. I told her to watch this closely and see if this happened every time she was with him. She told me that even after as little as 10 or 15 minutes of vigorous s** she noticed a lot of what appeared to be my s**** around the base of his shaft. I would come home and then have relations with my wife after he had been there.

So what we found was that baby number 2 a girl like our first child also a girl was conceived by me. We did paternity testing and through DNA and not blood was it determined to be my child. With baby number 3 it was proved that I was not the father. I suggested to my wife that it could be just a fluke to which she said she thought it was due to his longer size, the shape of his member and head and the fact he made more s****. So I said lets try it again after about 1 years time. She had no trouble getting number 3 to come back to her bed. This time though she was pregnant in only 2 weeks time. Again she took notice that most of my s**** ended up outside of her on his member around it's broader base. I had even decided to have relations with my wife sooner after she was with him. She was finished with him around 10:30 am and I came home at lunch time since I was just 12 minutes away and had intercourse with her during my lunch break.

So bay number 4 was also a boy and we determined through DNA it was once again not my child. So my wife told me size does matter. I have to concede she might be right. In the case of conceiving a baby length may have it's advantages. She later told me that with him she had very deep and intense o****** which she didn't have with either me or guy number 2. This we felt was due to his curved member that seemed to really touch her in a way as to make her climax harder and more intense. In fact she told me that neither me or number 2 ever made her have an o*****. That was a fact hard to swallow and kind of hurt my pride. But that was all for our little experiment.

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