Sister peeped while she masturbates

We had the outdoor bathroom door worn out at the lower part due excess water falling on the wooden panel. In a standing position any one could see the leg portion from a distance. One day only my younger sister who is two year young than me and myself of 20 years old were alone as others where out. In evening I got up from my sleep and was moving around and heard my young sister bathing with water running sound. As I casually looked at the crack of the door I could see that see was sitting on her heels. I could see her side butts round and water springling around her butts and heels. Just out of curiosity I just kneeled down and peered to see what is going on. To my utter surprise my young 18 year old sister fully nude was sitting close to the bath room wall under the running tap with the water directly falling on to her wide spread p**** which she had kept wide with her two fingers. The other hand was held on to the tap to balance her on her heels. Out of more excitement I looked more closer. She at times took her had off the p**** to massage her b**** as the water flowed into her p**** from a height of two feet. She had kept the tap at a low flow rate and was enjoying. At a stage she started to tremble and I knew she is going to have a climax. She further thrusted her c******* to the water flow and she fell back numb with the climax. I was in an awkward position in a push up position parallel to the ground and watching her full movements. At moment my sister noticed my palm flat on the floor in her sitting position and I think she saw my chin also. She immediately stood and shouted me saying I am your sister bathing, go away. Embarrassed I backed out, went to my room and started masturbating. And as I was about c** my sister was at the door with an angry look. I was late to see coming as I was busy with my d*** wanking. She muttered something and as I was raising my head I started c****** in loads and my sister in utter surprise was horrified to such act. I just immediately got up and left the house and wandered around the alleys till it was too dark. Thought of what must have happened at home, whether she had told every one or not. But since she was masturbating I had a slight hope she would not make hue and cry over the issue. When it was too dark I cautiously reached home and avoid my sisters strong looks kept my cool and that night was over. The next day at the same time no one except my sister was around and I was reading a book and my sister came to the door and just looked straight into my eyes and exclaimed I am going to bath do not every come after me, I am dead serious. Thereafter I could every look direct into her eyes and still have fear whether she will spell it out to any one.

Aug 12, 2019

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  • My half sister and I had s** of one kind or another for 44 years before she died rather unexpectedly. She was bi and had s** with both my wives. We started out when I was 14. She had been masturbating in third grade and took her own virginity with a vegetable. We had a*** all those years and never once had regular vaginal s**. We were never caught and apparently never suspected. She was extremely sexual and had an unbelievable appetite for it. We would spend hours giving each other oral when we could. We were also into water-sports from the beginning. There was almost nothing she would not do to make herself o*****. She and one of my GFs before marriage were as addicted to o****** as possible I believe. She had to do it several times a day. We didn't live in the same home or we may have been caught because I don't really think we were strong enough to resist each other sexually and would have taken too many chances. She married young and had one child at 17. She stayed with that husband for 15 years somehow. We never let up except when he was in service and lived out of state. She would come home to visit and we would be hard at it as much as we could. She had no inhibitions with me except that we had agreed to no vaginal s** at the start and stuck to it. She loved the tasted of my p**** and s**** and would have me finish in her mouth after having been in her a***. Perhaps I should regret all this but I don't. I just miss her tremendously as she was my best friend as well as some of the best s** I ever had out of a hundred or more partners.

  • Unfortunately, this is where brothers go wrong. Instead of invading your sister's privacy and being creepy, you should gradually become closer to her over a period of time and eventually be more open with each other. You may even be able to m********* together or even better enjoy s** with each other, if you're smart and in it for the long game.

  • Ew thats disgusting

  • Why do you think it's disgusting??

  • Should have been masturbating each other long before 18

  • I have filmed my sister's bath and have uploaded on xnxx. Search of 18yr old sister taking bath on hidden cam. I peeps on her bath and films and masturbates on such videos and photos.

  • I`m masturbating to this

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