BF knocked up by my Husband

My husband Dan and I have a regular 3some with my best friend, Gloria. She lives with us and has her own room. It has been going on for 10 years and we all sleep together 5 nights a week.

We are both on the Pill, but Dan goes bareback and c** in both of us. Gloria loves to go down on me after Dan fulls me up.

Both Gloria and I have a child with Dan, which were planned. But last week, Gloria said she was pregnant again.

Our doctor said the Pill is not 100% and pregnancy happens more than is generally realized.

I love Gloria, I think of her as my wife. But I suspect ( but have not said anything) she went off the Pill without telling us. Dan is so happy she is pregnant.

I have come home and found them making love without me every day for the last two months. Dan always made love to me on those days. My p**** was sore from all the s**.

Which is OK, Gloria and I make love with out him all the time.

But I keep thinking he may known that she was off the Pill and that why they have been have so much s**.

If it true I would feel so betrayed. I love them both so much. Now I want another baby.

I am going to go off the Pill also.

Aug 12, 2019

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  • If you feel like having another child, you should do so. It would only be fair. Parity, treating each wife/girlfriend equally, is important in a polygynous relationship. And no aspect of parity is more important than how many children you each bear. After all, if Gloria has a baby, you will play a part in raising it. That's your time spent on someone else's child. Conversely, she'll help with your children. Bringing everyone in the group together brings feelings of'll feel more like a family if you make these decisions together. Gloria's child may have been an accident. But it would have been nice if she'd brought you in on the decision beforehand.

    If you decide to have a child, talk it over with your husband. Don't just surprise him as Gloria evidently did. Once the two of you has decided, bring Gloria into the conversation as well. Speaking as a man, if you are in a financially sound place, he'll go along. Two women wanting your babies is a wonderful place for a man to be.

  • Damn y’all sick

  • Yeah. Sure. Right.

  • Why the f we care bi...

  • Why do we care bit ch

  • You 3 are so lucky, to have such a loving relationship. I wish my wife was so open.

  • I wonder if he would feel the same if U f***** someelse and let him see U doing. It with much pleasure and see if he understands U might want to try that That might answer some of Ur question πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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