BF knocked up by my Husband

My husband Dan and I have a regular 3some with my best friend, Gloria. She lives with us and has her own room. It has been going on for 10 years and we all sleep together 5 nights a week.

We are both on the Pill, but Dan goes bareback and c** in both of us. Gloria loves to go down on me after Dan fulls me up.

Both Gloria and I have a child with Dan, which were planned. But last week, Gloria said she was pregnant again.

Our doctor said the Pill is not 100% and pregnancy happens more than is generally realized.

I love Gloria, I think of her as my wife. But I suspect ( but have not said anything) she went off the Pill without telling us. Dan is so happy she is pregnant.

I have come home and found them making love without me every day for the last two months. Dan always made love to me on those days. My p**** was sore from all the s**.

Which is OK, Gloria and I make love with out him all the time.

But I keep thinking he may known that she was off the Pill and that why they have been have so much s**.

If it true I would feel so betrayed. I love them both so much. Now I want another baby.

I am going to go off the Pill also.


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  • Damn yโ€™all sick

  • Yeah. Sure. Right.

  • Why the f we care bi...

  • Why do we care bit ch

  • You 3 are so lucky, to have such a loving relationship. I wish my wife was so open.

  • I wonder if he would feel the same if U f***** someelse and let him see U doing. It with much pleasure and see if he understands U might want to try that That might answer some of Ur question ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

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